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Ly Thien Lan Thi

Ly Thien Lan Thi



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Ms. Ly Thien Lan Thi earned her LLB in Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, her major is the High-Quality Program of Law enhancing French.

Taking up the position as a paralegal of LTT & Lawyers Co., Ltd. (“LTT”), Ms. Ly Thien Lan Thi has been in charged in the field of Investment, Corporation, Labour and Employment, International Commerce, Civil Disputes…

During the course of working in LTT, Ms. Ly Thien Lan Thi implements the assigned tasks as follows: Analyzing the laws of Vietnam, drafting, reviewing legal documents (Contract, Memo, Letter of Demand, Legal advice regarding labour and employment such as Non-Competition Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, retrenchment procedure… Internal Labour Regulations, Employee handbook, Legal Updates, Newsletter), implementing the following procedures regarding the field of foods and beverage such as sale registration procedure, advertising procedure…; assisting in the legal due diligence; contacting and working with the competent authorities, clients and translating the legal articles, legal documents.

In order to reinforce her legal knowledge, Ms. Ly Thien Lan Thi engaged in the specialized training program for instance: Training course in Legal & Compliance, Training course concerning trademarks of Rouse Legal.

In addition to her competence in Legal English, Ms, Ly Thien Lan Thi possesses the ability to analyze the documents in French.