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Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is LTT & Laywers the right law firm for me?

LTT & Lawyers Co., Ltd. is a law firm with 3 outstanding advantages as follow:
• Team: Experienced, active lawyers.
• Service: Provide legal service include with real legal solution
• Clients care: Provide service aiming to Clients with friendliness and convenience.

2. How can I contact LTT & Lawyers?

You can contact us very easily by the following ways:
– Phone number: (028) 6270 7278
– Email:
– Website:
– Or make an appointment via above phone number/email to meet us directly at the LTT & Lawyers office at the address: Floor 3, 185 Co Bac, Co Giang Ward, District 1, HCM City.

3. What types of legal services does your law firm handle?

We provide the following main services: Legal Monthly Services, Labour – Employment, Debt Recovery, Governance & Compliance, Enterprise – Investment, M&A, Real Estate, Telecommunication – Internet, Intellectual Property, Civil Transaction, Legal Training, Litigation.
In addition, depending on the unique demands of each Client, we will advise and provide the type of legal services packaged accordingly.

4. How will the legal services fees be charged?

Depending on the type of client’s request, we will offer the most optimal and economical charging methods, including:
• Fees charged by hours;
• Fees charged at a fixed amount;
• Fees charged based on the outcome of the work;
• Fees charged based on a combination of billing methods;
• Monthly legal service charge.

5. What should I prepare before contacting to you?

In order for the meeting with the lawyer to be effective, the Client needs to prepare sufficient documents related to the case in paper and/or soft file readable on computer / phone and send them to us in advance(if possible).

6. Do I have to come to your office and meet your lawyers in person to propose or receive legal services?

Depending on the type of case, the complexity and urgency, Clients can choose to contact via phone, email or to make an appointment directly.

7. Do I have to book an appointment with lawyers?

Because of the nature of the lawyer’s job is always busy in the affairs of clients (scheduled meetings, court sessions, etc.). Therefore, we encourage clients to make an appointment with lawyer before holding a meeting.

8. What are your business hours?

Our official working hours are from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.
In some special emergencies of Clients, we may participate in overtime and weekends works.

9. Do you charge for preliminary consultations?

LTT & Lawyers will not charge a fee for the first meeting to receive information and advice on preliminary resolution. For direct consultation requests, we will apply the hourly fee method.

10. What is the workflow when using legal services of LTT & Lawyers?

We designed a professional workflow, ensure effective coordination between parties and optimize the quality of work as follows:
Step 1: Receiving client’s information;
Step 2: Establishing the client-lawyer relationship;
Step 3: Collecting deposit payment;
Step 4: Processing the work;
Step 5: Delivering the draft;
Step 6: Finalizing and delivering the final product;
Step 7: Collecting balance payments and filing client’s files.

11. Do you work with foreign clients or use foreign language?

We have been working with a lot of foreign Clients, mainly in English. If you require an interpreter in the other languages, please notify us in advance.

12. In which region do you provide legal services?

Currently, we provide legal services nationwide, with 3 offices in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang.
In addition, in some cases that Client request to work in other provinces, we can still proceed our service to the Client..

13. How can I trust and provide confidential information to Lawyers?

All lawyers and staff of LTT & Lawyers are committed to keep the Clients information confidential under privacy policies of LTT & Lawyers and/or Clients.
In addition, the Clients and LTT & Lawyers may enter into a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to confirm obligations in writing before we provide services.

14. Can the lawyer fees be paid in foreign currency i.e. USD?

If the Client is a foreign individual or organization, we can accept service fees in foreign currencies.

15. In what means is the legal advice of lawyers presented?

We give priority to providing legal opinions in writing. However, in some cases, at the request of the Client, we may be able to provide prior verbal comments. Then, if the Client requests or we feel that we must give our written opinion, we will make it in writing and send it to Client later.