HR Policy For Corona Epidemic

As of March 6, 2020, the COVID-19 has appeared in 89 countries and territories making 98,588 people infected and 3,388 deaths (1). The epidemic situation is growing daily in terms of the number of infections and the number of affected countries. It has hit the world economy severely, hence most governments have to announce the […]
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Legal Services for Foreigners in Vietnam

Introduction You are the foreigners and You plan to invest in Vietnam; or You have a short-term business trip; or You are employed and sponsored by a Vietnamese Company or a foreign entity to work in Vietnam Then, you should take a look on our legal service – “The legal services for foreign employees”. Why […]
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Conditions and procedures for establishment primary, junior and senior high schools of foreign investors in Vietnam

I. Conditions to establish 1. Contribution Capital At least 50 billion VND, as equivalent to 2.2 million USD. In case the foreign investor does not build new facilities but sublease them or the Vietnamese partner contributes its existing facilities, the minimum investment shall be at least 35 billion VND, as equivalent to 1.5 million USD; […]
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Working in Vietnam without a work permit

The development of the economic in Vietnam has opened up plenty of opportunities for foreign employees in Vietnam. Hence, the Vietnamese government has improved its legal framework for foreign employees more effectively. In fact, upon the specific circumstance of the foreign employee, the foreign employees are approved to work in Vietnam without a work permit. […]
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