As a requirement of the labor market services, our labor lawyers provide full range of services at the request of our clients, including the most popular jobs below.

I. Legal services

1. Providing legal advice by telephone and/or in writing

2. Preparation of legal documents for enterprises (employers):

  • Probation agreement;
  • Labor contracts;
  • Agreement terminating the labor contract;
  • Employee records for the purpose of corporate restructuring;
  • Training contract;
  • Collective labor agreement;
  • Labor regulations and ILR registration documents;
  • Dossier for establishment of grassroots trade union;
  • Files on the discipline of labor; and
  • Other documents as requested by the client.

3.Drafting legal documents for employees

  • Drafting the request to the employer in the following cases: being required by the employer to amend and supplement the labor contract; being required by the employer to do other work; the employer decides to terminate the labor contract; being required by the employer to attend the labor discipline meeting …
  • Drafting a labor dispute reconciliation application to send the worker mediator
  • Drafting a lawsuit petition for a labor dispute

4.  Representing the client in the settlement of disputes: including negotiation for conciliation and litigation at the court.

5. Legal training: providing the enterprises with lawyers specializing in labor and having extensive experience in legal training.

II. Mode of service delivery

Our labor lawyers prioritize the application of advanced technology tools to provide services to our clients.

For meetings: Video conference; Telephone conference. We are also willing to participate in face-to-face meetings with our clients.

Information transmission: via email (priority) and information transfer systems via social networking (zalo; viber and facebook).

III. Service charge

Depending on the nature of the work requested by the client, the labor lawyers will propose appropriate service charges. For our clients to study, consider and decide, our principle of charging legal services is as follows:

  • Fixed fees: Charges are based on the nature and complexity of the work. For those works which are possible to estimate the time and effort of the lawyers such as drafting legal documents: legal advice, probation agreement, labor contract, labor agreement collective, labor regulations, we apply the fixed fees method.
  • Hourly charges: For those works which only incur attorney fees if the attendance of lawyers is required such as representing a customer in mediation negotiations with the employee/employer; representing a client before the state agencies. In such cases, our attorney’s fees are charged based on the actual working hours of the in-charge lawyers.
  • Charge based on the level of success: For those works such as participation in negotiation organized by the parties themselves; or mediation through labor mediator; dispute resolution process, at the request of the Client and our preliminary study of the case, the application of a service fee rate on the degree of success of the work may be applied.
  • Mixed charges: In some cases, the combination of the above charges may be applied at the client’s request and for the benefit of the client.

IV. Our process of providing legal services on labor

Step 1: Receiving the client’s information; conducting preliminary research and making clarification of the client’s requirements.

Step 2: Sending legal fee quotes (which include the scope of work, method of payment and estimated time of completion)

Step 3: Signing legal service contract and making advance payment (if applicable)

Step 4: Organizing (assigning team to do) the work

Step 5: Communicating continuously with the client: including clarification of the content of the case; requesting more information from the client; sending legal works to the client for review and discussion. Confirmation of completion of work and delivery of legal services.

Step 6: Paying the remaining service charge and completing the case, making file archive