The need for a lawyer to engage in personal civil transactions is increasing because a lot of private dealings are of high value, complicated and involve many parties, including foreign individuals and organizations. To help individuals who need to refer to services that lawyers can assist clients with, we would like to describe the following typical transactions:

  • Trading real estate (houses, land and buildings)
  • Sale of assets: cars, ships and other valuable assets
  • Open inheritance, make testament
    Pre-marriage agreement (marriage contract), agreement sharing division of common property

“What is the role of lawyers in these transactions?” is a popular question that many individual clients ask when approaching a lawyer. With day-to-day practical collision experience, we can assist our clients in:

  • Giving legal advice on the case of the clients, including: legal status, how to implement transactions, solutions to implement if there are obstacles on paper, tax savings advice
  • Representing the clients in negotiation process
  • Assisting in the preparation of documents and materials to best protect the interests of the clients
  • Assisting the clients in executing the contracts at the notary offices
  • Assisting and representing the clients in performing post-notarized jobs: tax declaration, payment, public disclosure, notification, etc.